What Would You Pay For A Book Containing the Marketing Secret Hiding in Plain Sight?

(Seriously? What Would You Pay? You can name your own price, cowboy (or cowgirl...you can name your own price, cowhuman)

Since its release in December 2014, this book has been one of the top 30 best selling books in the Web Marketing category and has been in the #1 spot multiple times (sharing the screen with some of my biggest marketing inspirations like Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Holiday, and more).

Check out the reviews of the book on the Amazon page and feel free to buy either the Kindle version or the paperback version on Amazon if that is your preferred method of shopping online.

If you're open to it, I'd like to offer you the option to name your own price through my gumroad store. The price of the Kindle version is $3

As long as your price is at least $3 on gumroad, you will get the PDF version, the .mobi version (for ereaders & kindles), the audiobook version (narrated by yours truly!), the action guide, and a secret bonus (hint: do you hate when potential would-be buyers abandon the cart and/or checkout process?)

All the above digital products bundled together have sold for as much as $97 (and has most commonly sold at $47) but please name whatever price you feel is fair so long as it's at least three dollars)

If you're still not convinced that I'm giving you a deal almost as crazy as Ants In My Eyes Johnson's, then I invite you to click on the 'Conversion For Good' blog to read one of my most popular articles titled "Conversion Optimization Is The Best Path to Higher Shopify Sales" (the lessons & insights work equally well for any other ecommerce platform)

Want to Preview 'Profit Hacking'?

Listen to the audio of a podcast interview I did on a show called The Entrepreneurs Library (a show that has also featured lumaries such as Steve Blank and Guy Kawasaki)

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This 'Pay What You Want' Offer Will Be Suspended Soon....

I practice what I preach in Profit Hacking (especially what I teach in the included extras of the gumroad bundle). This is a test for my own business and you better believe there's an A/B test running (welcome to my experiment muwahahaha).

The truth is that this offer is likely going to come back in some similar form after this test is over (and potentially even within a day or two of this offer expiring).

But if past iterations in this test are indications of success + growth after our research, I imagine we will reintroduce a new variation soon after this expiration date.

However, I also strongly feel that based on past iterations of the test, the prices for the book (on all platforms) and the bundle are going to be raised after this offer expires as the next test we run.

Obviously, my target with this page is for you to choose the gumroad version. If you do buy that version, you will join my email list and I sincerely hope that if you join, you'll give me your honest feedback on this sales page (maybe share where I almost lost you (if I ever did)).

You see, I don't care about having the biggest email list in the world, I care about creating deep relationships with the right people. I visualize collaborations and exchanging ideas on projects that can help save the world (please ask me about OPP....)

If you're right for the email list, you'll stay. If not, I completely understand if you choose to unsubscribe at any point in the future.

Hope to get to know you & that Profit Hacking can help you make whatever you're building more successful!


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